Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are all God's creation and all PEOPLE.

Again, I was taken out of my comfort zone and thrown into a van that I'd spend an hour in before helping out with a fall festival at Lighthouse, a home for 12 mentally handicapped men and women. We were assigned to run different games. I was put in charge of the Bouncy Ball game where a child would come and roll 3 bouncy balls down a board and see how many points they could get at the end. So many people came through the games, bought food, and donated money to help Lighthouse run and operate. As the festival started to end, we helped clean up, but then were given nothing to do, but sit. So we sat and talked to many of the residence of the home. There was Jayme, who was super sweet, talkative, and celebrating her birthday... There was Ryan, who loves football, basketball, and hangs out with the cows... There was Sarah, who was quieter but so kind, and loved looking at the pictures through my camera... And then there was Michael. I felt bad for him because he was just sitting there getting hit by the balloons that Jayme was holding and not being talked to, so I went over and started asking him about his day, favorite holiday, his family, and helped him get some candy. Unlike any of the other residents at the home, Michael was even more special in my eyes. He was blind. Normally I would be a little stand-offish when coming in contact with a blind person, because I feel like I act and treat them weird. Who knows... Maybe I don't. Maybe it's just me being insane. Even though I felt awful today from all of the sun, the Lord definitely blessed me and also our time there. Please keep Lighthouse, the residents, and also all of the staff there in your prayers. Pray they continue to get support and keep God the center of the ministry. Thanks! Love you all!!!


  1. Beautiful! You Rancheros are doing some very wonderful things through the Spirit of God.

  2. this is so cool! my uncle has downs syndrome and lives in a place like's so cool to just talk and interact with people who live in those types of places.