Wednesday, September 22, 2010

they say, First Impressions Are Most Important

(Sorry I know the picture is creepy but you need the vibe.)

I was going to tell you about my day of classes and Albert Einstein teacher but then I met Skull Church and everything else just pales in comparison. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. So let me tell you about the church named after Golgotha:

One, it's in a movie theatre. I've been to a church in a movie theatre before so that wasn't too bad. It was everything hidden inside that creeped me out. When you walk into the auditorium you're greeted with at least a dozen skulls. Drawn skulls and digital skulls, thank God no real ones. The background of the stage was a picture of a creepy man with half of his face normal and the other half a skull. I wouldn't have been surprised if there were a few skull tatoos going around. Please count how many times I say skull in this post because that's how many there were. The music playing in the background was half screamo half rock. It was so obvious they were trying to be "cool" for younger people because those were the only type of people there. I guess they were too cool for me. It was the weirdest vibe i've ever had in a church. I had to look around and make sure everyone was carrying a bible instead of a copy of Twilight. Then worship began. My ears, head, and heart are still recovering.  And I’m still trying to figure out if the lead singer was talking about God or his girlfriend in half of those songs. But I don't want to make this church sound ALL bad. The teacher though I was skeptical at first seemed to be genuine in the end. He taught on Ecclessiastes.. it was very elementary. I mean the basics of basics almost. But during the altar call I could tell he sincerely cared about people. Everyone at the ranch loves him and said he's not usually so beginner-ish.  A few people did get saved so I will definatley give him another chance. Still  Something tells me there won’t be electric guitars in heaven and angels wearing skinny pants with skulls on t-shirts. It sounds almost blasphemous. So yes that was my Wednesday night experience and now I’m watching Aladdin and eating Special K. I miss everyone so so soo much! I can’t wait to see you all in December and hear some good old Pastor Joe.

<333 Erin Nicole


  1. just in case you need to hear some Pastor Joe now:
    break glass in case of emergency
    don't want you going all daft on us

  2. hahaha! I loved this line: "I had to look around and make sure everyone was carrying a bible instead of a copy of Twilight."

  3. Crazyyyyyyy!!! I have a full picture in my head! Talk about new experiences! :-)

  4. EW EW EW EW EW. something that really erks me is churchs that try to be cool. It's cool that people got saved.. just proves that God CAN use anything. I dont really see how a skull, a symbol of death, mixes well with Jesus Christ, who is life. ha I guess we are just too old fashioned

  5. "still something tells me there won’t be electric guitars in heaven and angels wearing skinny pants with skulls on t-shirts."

    hahaha, amen.

  6. Many ppl will be suprised what and who's in heaven. I believe every church isn't for everyone. I think whether your "taste" isn't like the members of Skull Church, we as Christians should applaud Skull Church for reaching those who the church couldn't for years.

    It funny how ppl accuse others of trying to be cool when churches are just doing their best to reach a culture that has been unreachable. I pray the body of Christ can be a bit more open to methods that may not be a usual method.

    Altho, there are churches who are just off... let's applaud Skull Church for reaching and bringing the Gospel to a generation so desperately in need of hope.

    BTW, we all have skulls... does that make your head like evil? To me the name Skull Church points to not only the life of Christ but the death and burial... what we really deserved. Thank God Jesus paid the price!

    Great blog post!

  7. I totally agree with the anonymous person! Method being right are wrong is what leads to the death of the church! Not skulls! "Jesus" should be the only thing sacred in ministry. We need to reach all generation and people at there levels and bring them to life in Christ. Thank you Skull Church for following the vision God has given you for your ministry. We need to remember that if we don't care for a ministry and love a ministry and can not see ourselves serving in a certain ministry then that is not where God has called us, however we should still pray and root for those ministries as they are partners in this mission!

  8. Hey I found this post through google haha. I have just recently starting attending skull church and have to say that it is very different now then how you described it. The teaching is really good, the worship isn't anything near screaming, the only skulls you can find are there logo on the merch, stage, etc... Definitely not a creepy vibe if it was then. They really don't over do it. Give it a shot if you are in town again or watch online at on the first Wednesday of every month.

  9. Skull church is not what it seems, or rather what they want to be seen as. Your first instinct was correct.