Monday, September 20, 2010

To all Care-package Senders

To those of you who expressed an interest in sending us care packages here's a list of things we need/would like to have:

1. Tea
2. pumpkin spice coffee syrup
3. gum
4. tissues- for erin
5. some love in letter form
6. good books to read, for erin again: biographies especially please. : )
7. chocolate 
8. notebooks, pens, pencils.
9. prince of egypt on dvd.
10. Crayons - For Darla!
11. anything else you wanna add!

Thanks soo much in advance if anyone actually does send some of this stuff. We love everyone and miss you all!!!

P.S. We'll be updating with actual news/events within a few days. Life's busy in montana.


  1. The bookstore will hook you guys up!

  2. how about erin sends me back that book i let her borrow over the summer and then i think about it? haha jk

  3. erin has one of your books too sam? I think she has one (or two) of mine too! ha, you know erin I am all about the missions bios, I'll hook you up!

  4. I have a biography about a mathematician... I'll send that

  5. Math isssss always entertaining.
    Thanks for the list....Lulu wanted to know.
    Chocolate is definitely a way of showing one cares.
    My love for you is too, too big to ever fit in a letter. However, I will give my best attempt.
    {keep on bloggin'}