Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And then I met Sid.

Let's drive for 45 minutes through state park and then get lost on top of suicide hill. As we looked around, we got a bit nervous about what we were getting ourselves into. But... Finally we found where we were going, and it ended up being a cute little place called, The Good Samaritan. Walking in, my stomach started to turn. Yes. I got nervous. I always feel like I don't know how to talk and hang out with the elderly. I never want to get to the point that some of them are at and I guess it kinda scares me. Now... Walk around the room and meet everyone! That's what we were told to do. The first man I met was named Sid. He was the cutest little man, and then after I finished meeting everyone I scanned the room for a place to sit and chill and it so happened to be back next to the cute little man named Sid. So I walked over and asked if I could pull up a chair, he of course was so excited and said yes! Michaela and Spencer sang some songs and I started to chat and crack jokes with him. Wouldn't you know he could sing and led the room in singing "O went the Saints go marching in" and played us some harmonica. He told me about the war he was in, how his brother passed away, how he got married to his wife named, Alice Marie, and about his 16 grandkids and 9 great-grandkids! I never felt so comfortable with someone at an elderly home. He looked so young and healthy, but he ended up saying that he was 91 YEARS OLD!!! Ridiculous. He was my favorite. As we left, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Just found out we're going to be going back every month. Can't wait to go back and see my new best friend named, Sid. 
- Darla Maxine


  1. it's that cold Montana air....keeps people livin' longer. So happy it was a blessed event.

  2. I love old people. And I wish my name was sid.