Sunday, October 03, 2010

Non Stop Crazy

As life goes on at the ranch, we start getting piled with so many things to do. This weekend was the funnest so far, but came at the worst time... With all the girls, we were able to go to Coffee Traders and a couple thrift stores. Then a couple of us had a sleepover at the lodge and watched Enchanted. Today we were off to church in the morning and then went to Pastor John's house to watch some football and eat. 
This isn't the end of the craziness... We still have a 5 page research paper to write, training for the banquet that is on Thursday, girls night, skull church, and packing for our field trip (which we leave for early Saturday morning!!!!) 
If you know where we're going for our field trip, don't say anything!!!!!! I want everyone to be surprised and excited! Everyone here is really excited to be away from the ranch for a week... Including me. 
Hope to talk to you all soon! And hopefully I get around to writing you a letter, if I haven't already! Love... Darla Maxine


  1. D: isn't this right up your alley: non stop crazy??

    Before you know it, another week will have flown right by!

    Here's to a wonderful, exciting, and safe road/field trip!!! Don't forget all the fun car games you played with us ! HA !

    Hoping to get one of your written letters.....

    Love, one of your biggest fans <3

  2. yay- it sounds like utter funness!
    I love field trips! Can I come????
    Thank you for updating- I'll stop stalking for a little bit, okay?