Saturday, October 23, 2010


Aka. Cleaning Day At The Lodge.
7:45 - Woke up
8:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - Left for the lodge
9:15 - Got a horse named, Cricket, and brushed her
9:45 - Started shoveling horse poop
10:00 - Pulled cockelburs (which ended all over me)
10:45 - Continued shoveling horse poop
12:00 - Ate lunch
12:30 - Continued shoveling horse poop
1:15 - Cleaned a shed that had a ton of maggots in it
3:30 - Picked up boxes that had rat poop all over them
4:15 - Fed the horses carrots and had them follow us all around
5:00 - Got in the van and went back to the ranch

It was such a cold day! And it rained on and off. We're all super tired....

O and the worst part of the day.... Amy Left.


  1. D: I told your Father you were cleaning horse poop today. His remark: "awww right"

  2. Sounds like a fairly typical day. Other people just shovel different kinds of horse poop.